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Własne - Zdanowicz

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The Book of Mirrors, Chirovici E. O.
Hold Back the Stars, Khan Katie

ONE MAN`S TRUTH IS ANOTHER MAN`S LIE. When big-shot literary agent Peter Katz receives an unfinished manuscript entitled The Book of Mirrors, he is intrigued. ... więcej

We're going to be fine. He looks around, but there nothing out here: nothing but the bottomless black universe on their left, the Earth suspended in glorious ... więcej

The Princess Diarist, Fisher Carrie
The Blood Miracles, McInerney Lisa

The Princess Diarist is Carrie Fisher’s intimate, hilarious and revealing recollection of what happened behind the scenes on one of the most famous ... więcej

Like all twenty-year-olds, Ryan Cusack is trying to get his head around who he is. This is not a good time for his boss to exploit his dual heritage by ... więcej

The Wealth of Humans, Avent Ryan
Rethink, Poole Steven

‘Ryan Avent is a superb writer ...highly readable and lively’ Thomas Piketty ‘A pleasure to read. This is an important argument on a ... więcej

„Clever and entertaining.” (Sunday Times). „Elegantly written and full of surprises.” (Daily Telegraph). „Always entertaining ... więcej

The Bee Friendly Garden, Purdie Doug
London's Triumph, Alford Stephen

A grower’s handbook to attracting bees and other beneficial insects. Bees are our most important pollinators and they are in decline the world over. ... więcej

Life in Europe was fundamentally changed in the 16th century by the astonishing discoveries of the New World and of direct sea routes to Asia. To start ... więcej

Jeweled Splendours of the Art Deco Era, Khan Princess Catherine Aga
Shoes, Johnston Lucy, Woolley Linda

One Christmas Eve, Prince Sanruddin Aga Khan gave to his wife a magnificent jeweled box made by Cartier in the 1930s. So began the making of perhaps the ... więcej

Shoes have always captured the imagination, and communicated the priorities and ambitions of the wearer. In the reign of Henry VIII, exaggerated shapes ... więcej

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